Self-Publishing Support

This service is for people who want to learn how to self-publish their book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, rather than pay someone to do it for them, but who would like some additional support along the way, at least for the first listing. I’ve put together a PDF – a basic guide to listing, uploading and ultimately, publishing your book on Amazon. This is backed up with 60 mins support time.

Publishing via Amazon KDP is free and you do not need your own ISBN. You don’t need an ISBN for a Kindle e-book regardless, but if you do want to use your own ISBN for either an e-book or a paperback (or both), I can advise you where to buy ISBNs from. Please note that if you want an ISBN for both your e-book and paperback, the same one cannot be used for both. You will need two unique ISBNs.

How it works: Once you’ve purchased this package, I will email you the PDF. Then it’s over to you. Whenever you have a query, please email me in the first instance. You can ask me anything you want about the process of self-publishing via Amazon KDP, I can take a look at your book description, I can also help you with keywords, and if you want a sounding board regarding pricing, just ask. Whether you’re starting off with an e-book or a paperback, if there’s time we can go on to look at the other format.

I envisage most of the information I will be able to give you via email, but a telephone call is also an option, and we can agree a suitable day/time for the call to take place.

I was awarded a #QueenOf badge on Twitter in July 2020. 

If a task takes me five minutes to complete, then I will take five minutes off the total, and so on. I will keep you updated regarding how much time each task has taken me, and how much time you have left. If there are any minutes left over by the time you’ve published your e-book or paperback, you have the choice of using the remaining minutes to look at getting the other book format published, further support regarding the steps you can take to get your book noticed, or a partial refund.

Please note this package assumes:

  1. Your book is adult fiction or non-fiction. This service does not cover children’s illustrated books.
  2. You have a manuscript ready to upload.
  3. That the manuscript is formatted correctly for Amazon KDP.
  4. You have a cover ready to upload (or you’re prepared to design one via Amazon KDP).
  5. The support time will be used within one calendar month from the date we agree the package is going to start.

Fee: £60

Fee for additional support time in 30min blocks: £30