Organising Your Non-Fiction Book

This service is for those of you who, though you wouldn’t class yourself as a writer, have written a book because you want to share your expertise. Well done you. That’s such an achievement.

You could be a small business owner, or a healthcare professional, a life coach, or a self-help leader, for example, and there’s a message you want to share. Perhaps you’re not sure your book gets your message across to the reader. Maybe you need some help with the structure of your book.

I’ve written three non-fiction books, and I have also undertaken a course with the Editorial Freelancers Association on editing non-fiction, which means I can assist you with your non-fiction book project.

I will do this by assessing your manuscript. You will receive a report, a minimum of one A4 sheet, in which I will address the overall structure of the book and whether there’s a logical flow. I will also look at how chapters are organised, paragraph and sentence length, language, pacing, whether you’ve backed up what you’re saying with examples, whether your book is comprehensible, and ultimately, whether it will engage the reader.

I will also let you know if I think your manuscript would benefit from professional line and copy editing, and proofreading.

I will add comments where relevant on the manuscript itself (using the comments feature in Microsoft Word) to further demonstrate the points I make in the report. I won’t change anything on the manuscript itself, but I will add suggestions where applicable. You will receive your report within a set timescale, which we can discuss.

You can ask me follow-up questions, but this must be within two weeks after I have sent my report to you, so that your book is still fresh in my mind.

I promise that I will be honest, but kind, in my feedback. If I see a problem, I will do my best to suggest a solution.

The initial email consultation is free. I will ask to see the first chapter of your manuscript, as well as the length of the book. If you have an outline then I would like to see that too. I require this information so that I have a clear idea as to what you’re trying to achieve.

Please note that I am not accepting memoirs at this time.

Fee: £2.00 per 1000 words