About Me

My name’s Helen Edwards and I’m an Indie Author. Originally from North Wales, I’m currently living in Shropshire with my husband and our dog.

I have a Literature and Creative Writing degree, and I have many years’ experience working within administration.

I read. A LOT. Last year I read close to 100 books. I’m a NetGalley Professional Reader, which means I get sent advanced reader copies (ARCs) in exchange for honest reviews.

I write. A LOT. I always have, and I suspect, I always will. Writing is a part of me. And yes, I write, but your project will always take priority.

Because of all the reading and writing I do I find I have a natural flair for editing, but to back that up I’ve also completed a beginning developmental editing of fiction course with the Editorial Freelancers Association.

My self-publishing journey began in 2015. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about the process. Now I’d like to help other people get their book out into the world.

Helen Edwards, Self-Publishing Assistant & Indie Author.


Helen performed a thorough and timely beta read for me, and I can highly recommend her services. She was prompt and professional, and provided me with a thorough report as well as comments and suggestions throughout my manuscript. I found Helen’s feedback to be well balanced. Her critique was well considered and constructive, but she delivered it with tact. Helen’s feedback was on point, and I agreed with all of her suggestions. Her feedback has certainly improved my manuscript.

Clare Travaglia

Thanks, Helen, for your feedback on my manuscript. Your comments were thoughtful, insightful and showed a real knowledge and appreciation of the genre (women’s commercial fiction) and its requirements. Your comment that my hero needed some flaws has set me thinking and I will take this on board in my next draft. I really appreciate the quick turnaround as well!

Anne Mitchell

Helen’s beta reading is comprehensive and she puts excellent detail in her feedback. Her answers are all so detailed and constructive, and she’s a pleasure to work with. 

Mimi Flood