Personal Statement

I am an Oxford based artist and educator and have worked in education for the last twelve years. My work in education includes teaching Art and Design to children from nursery age through Key stages 1 5. I have also taught children and adults with special needs and I am fully trained in the Montessori method of teaching. I currently work part time for Artworks School of Art and Design and am currently in the process of becoming a full time teacher and partner to the business. This includes continuing with my own education in teaching by starting the Secondary P.G.C.E. Art and Design at Westminster College in September. My work as an artist very much concentrates on a transformative process that has emerged from my experiences with communication, movement meditation, dreams and the unconscious. My current medium is water in which I perform. I attempt to place an audience in alternative spaces, spaces that immerses the audience into a transcendental state. This acquired state, equal to that of still and movement meditation, I attempt to highlight an alternative form of expression, which is fluid and pure.
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